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Watch and Wait; or, The Young Fugitives

Watch and Wait; or, The Young Fugitives

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By Oliver Optic (William Taylor Adams), printed into the Mantle Ministries Family Classic Collection.

Hardcover, metallic gilt lettering, worn on spine. No dust Jacket. Good for reading and display! Has that charming vintage book feel. Illustrated with printed plates.

"However much the author of  'Watch and Wait' may sympathize with that portion of the population of our country to which the principle characters of the story belong, he is forced to acknowledge that his book was not written in the interests of the anti-slavery cause. His young friends require stirring incidents of him, and the inviting field of adventure presented by the topic he has chosen was the moving spring which brought the work into existence; and if the story shall kindle any new emotion of sympathy for the oppressed and enslaved, it will have more than answered for the purpose for which it was intended, and the writer will be all the more thankful for this happy influence." Excerpt

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