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Our History

[ash-ling] Booksellers is part of the heart of Downtown Toccoa. Mike and Jessica Handwork opened the store in September of 2008, across the street from where it stands now. As they were looking for an office space for their other business, Hanco Exterminating, God orchestrated the purchase of the little blue builidng on the center of Doyle Street. Originally, the plan was not to open a bookstore. The idea came to Jessica late one night, so she walked over to Cornerstone after they closed and asked the youth working there what they thought. They were so excited that the bookstore was born!

Quickly after [ash-ling] opened it became the heartbeat of Downtown Toccoa. At every event, bicycles and backpacks flooded the place. First dates, proposals, baby showers, and people singing in public for the first time have all happned within the walls of the store. From a sweet little music night, the idea for Roots, Rhythm, and Rails came about and turned into a musc festival hosted by the Bookstore that took place out on the street. The city saw the interest created, and the Ida Cox music night became a staple event in Downtown Toccoa. The Bookstore was memorialized in the movie Heritage Falls just before God moved us across the street to a building better suited for books.

From the very beginning, [ash-ling] has been a safe place for people to express themselves - through participating in or hosting classes, performing live music, writing with each other, and sharing ideas. To so many, it is much more than a local bookstore. [ash-ling] has stood through family celebrations and tragedies, love and loss, and many changes through the years. We are so thankful to our customers for continuing to shop with us, talk with us, and dream with us.

Book Trade Policy

Bring your books for trade!

Exchange your used books for ‘new’ used books. Our trade policy is simple and easy to understand. Trade credit never expires and can be used for up to 50% of any used book purchase. For example, if you are buying a $10 used book, and have $7 of trade credit, you can use up to $5 of your credit towards the purchase. To keep up the quality of our store, we must be selective in accepting book trades. All books for trade must be in excellent to good condition. Books must not have loose or missing pages, torn covers, stains, dirt, mildew, or insect damage. Trade credit may be applied towards used books only and holds no cash value. We do not accept consignments in general but will gladly place books found to be valued at $50 or over on consignment to be paid the month following the sale of the book. All trades are made at the discretion of [ash-ling] Booksellers.